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Month: November 2016

Tactic: Distance

Tactic: Distance

Distance is a tactical advantage when faced with an adversary. Distance gives you time and is your best friend when confronted with unlawful conduct.

The myth used to be that 21 feet was a safe distance. But studies and the now famous Tueller Drill, have proven that unless you have your hand on your firearm, or it is out of the holster, you stand a good chance of getting injured and never getting a defensive shot off.

An assailant can cover 21 feet in 1.5 seconds. For most police officers and a majority of carry permit holders you won’t be able to get your sidearm unholstered nor will you be able to get a shot off.


Shade’s Landing Inc. endorses Donald Trump for President

Shade’s Landing Inc. endorses Donald Trump for President

It should come as no surprise that we pretty much despise the Clintons the corruption and hypocrisy that they stand for. However do not mistake our overwhelming dislike for Hillary as the only reason why we plan on voting for Donald Trump.

Our reasons for endorsing Trump are many.

First of all, we strongly believe in the 2nd Amendment. And Donald’s support of the 2nd Amendment has earned him the endorsement of the NRA and numerous groups in the shooting community. Hillary however vilifies gun owners and the NRA. We fit into her basket of “Deplorables”.

Trump is a businessman and understands what is needed to get this economy back on track. We have had the slowest economic recovery under Obama in our countries history. Hillary represents another four years of the same failed policies of Obama’s administration.

He has vowed to repeal Obamacare. The onerous burden that is bankrupting the middle class.

Trump believes in equal justice for ALL. No more two sets of justice: One for the Clintons and Washington, and the rest for us.

He supports our veterans and active duty personnel.

He wants to be a President for all citizens. The black community is finally waking up to the fact that they mean little to Democrats other than a November vote.

He’s not against Mexicans or Muslims. He’s against illegal aliens from any country and he’s against the radical Islamic Jihadists. Hillary can’t even speak the phrase let alone secure our borders from them.

There is so much corruption in and around Hillary that the choice should be crystal clear: