Tactic: Cold Weather Survival Part 1


Ah yes… Global Warming. America is in the midst of a cold snap that’s hitting just about every state. Florida was mentioned on the news today as the only state that does not have snow on the ground.

Here in Minnesota, we’ve seen real temperatures of -26 in the Twin Cities to -30 + further north with wind chills approaching -50. How would you survive in a hostile environment such as this? That is to say, what if you no longer had a nice cozy house with gas heat? What if you were out in the cold? How would you survive?

There are two things you would immediately need:

  1. Shelter
  2. Fire

Without these you would survive less than a day in that extreme cold. So let’s see how to build a cold weather shelter first. This is an excellent video on how to build your first cold weather survival shelter.


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