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Meeting ended late last night, and Gantz put out a message that he wants a unity gov't but he won't give up on his principles and its not a real unity gov't if Netanyahu brings his whole bloc with him.

NYU Department Co-Sponsors Anti-Israel Speaker, Rejects Request to Host Pro-Israel One

IDF girds for response after attacking dozens of Iranian, Assad targets in Syria

Gantz has until midnight to form a coalition but we will likely know before then whether he will fail. I'm told @AvigdorLiberman will announce his decision on whether to support either Gantz or Netanyahu, or neither, at 1 pm

#IDF confirms having struck tens of #Iranian Quds force, Shiite milita, and Syrian regime targets in response to rockets fired towards #Israel yesterday.

. @AdamSchiff doesn't look at the (R) folks in Congress when he talks to them during this ridiculous circus. What is that about?

Dear libs,

You aren’t “woke” until you realize that most of our politicians, celebs, & other people in high positions of power across the globe are Satanic pedophiles who rape & torture kids before drinking their blood to get high off adrenochrome.

Those who know can’t sleep.

Breaking news.

The FBI has interviewed an alleged victim who says he was raped by Bill Clinton when he was 8 years old.

He also gave details of Satanic rituals describing the exploitation & sexual assaults of children.

May God keep this brave soul protected. 🙏🏻


"No witness has used the term 'bribery' to describe President Trump's conduct. None of them."

FACT: The only time the term "bribery" appears in the 3,500 pages of testimony is in a description of Sleep Joe's conduct towards Ukraine.

Roger Stone was convicted on perjury charges

General Flynn was the victim of a perjury trap and is facing an endless legal battle

Did Alex Vindman perjure himself under oath, on live TV today when he said he didn’t know the whistleblower?

Everyone knows he lied


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