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Big mistake.

This will embolden Israel’s enemies as it will be seen as undercutting the US-Israel relationship which is one of the foundations of both of our nation’s security.

You sent an online lynch mob after a disabled combat vet w/ PTSD, spreading the lie he’s a Nazi.

ISIS uses the internet better than almost anyone, but for all of those susceptible to ISIS propaganda, they are now being beaten badly at every level....

Once the Mueller Report is done, #DeepState better find something solid to hold onto. Hell's a coming...

President Trump’s attacks on the late John McCain mark the first time in memory where a President has picked a fight with a dead man and lost. McCain was no saint, but he was a brave and patriotic man. Hitting him when he can’t hit back is repellent.

Wait, didn't Brennan say another Mueller indictment was coming? Didn't they assure us Don Jr would be indicted?

Folks, they just make this up.

WATCH: “If Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump for the last two years, had complete sway... they would have hurt people in my community, literally doing policies that could cause people’s death.”

President Trump's style is intended to put his opponents off balance and out of their comfort zones. Look at how far left he has forced the Democrats!

Latest rumor is Nadler will bring Mueller before Congress so they can verbally abuse the man who was their hero for the past 2 years.

JW President @TomFitton appeared on WMAL to discuss Hillary Clinton’s email scandal: “The Attorney General should do his job… The American people still want an honest., legitimate investigation to go on here and we’re just not going to ignore it anymore.”

.@realDonaldTrump is keeping his promise to protect and promote free speech for all students on college campuses.

RT to show your support for his action!

Mueller also hasn’t filed any new cases in two months. ABC News’ Jon Karl, citing sources familiar with the Mueller probe, reported Thursday that it is likely no more indictments will come from the special counsel.

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