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Meeting with @PresidentRuvi, @Ayelet__Shaked says "all party leaders must stop with the boycotts, ideological and personal" in order to form a unity government. Then, second later: "If you task Gantz with forming the government, we will not negotiate with him."

I dare @breakfastclubam to have me in the studio to talk about policing in America and Trump.

I dare @EBROINTHEAM to have me on.

It seems like they only want to hear and present one side.

Will they do it?

What yall think?

People like their doctors, their nurses, their pharmacists. Private insurance companies make their profits by saying "no" to the care you need from these providers. That's why we need #MedicareForAll.

We had this election bc Lieberman refused to join Netanyahu’s govt & then voted w/Netanyahu govt for these elections bc he refused to let the mandate go to Gantz.
Now, after the Joint List recommenced Gantz he can be the real kingmaker & give one of them 61. He won’t though. Why?

Everyone be in prayer for #AntonioBrown and all football players. After watching the movie concussion I couldn’t help but wonder does he have CTE? Athletes take many hits and the damages we will really never understand or know what or how they suffer🙏🏼♥️

“This dictatorship of permanent emotion, moreover when it is based on children, is a new form of totalitarianism. It is beyond ridiculous." via @Figaro_Inter

#RIP Great American William Bradford Reynolds, 1942-2019 *Lifetime Advocate of MLK's Colorblind Society

Unfit to chair a local PTA, constitution despising, constitution illiterate, lawless Fascist Crackpot @SpeakerPelosi Says Congress Should Pass New Laws So Sitting Presidents Can Be Indicted #DemocratsDestroyingTheRepublic

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