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This is the best campaign video I’ve seen this year. The bagpipes sort of sneak up on you. Very emotional. Very powerful. I think the lad might just pull it off. #VoteTommy

EYE OPENING PIECE! MUST READ! Let me know your thoughts.

#AnnCoulter 👉🏻 U.S. Isn’t Becoming Europe. We’re Becoming Rome.

#AnnCoulter 👉🏻 ‘White Americans are one border surge away from becoming a minority in their own country’

Democrats Ripping off US Taxpayers: California’s high-speed train is $50 billion over budget, nowhere near completion, and not even high speed. It’s worse than a boondoggle; it looks like a massive, high-speed fraud. Thankfully @realDonaldTrump Steps Up!

Why is Twitter telling me to follow only progressive politicians "tailored just for me"? After this comes Beto, then 25 random pundits, then Biden and another Warren account. Not one conservative, libertarian or anything else. Who is doing the tailoring exactly?

The liberal media know the President has tremendous power over borders, so their only weapon is outrage. "In other words, if the president determines that ordinary law enforcement is inadequate to enforce federal law, he can deploy the military to assist."

The President has ordered the declassification of all documents. The AG will now get to the bottom of the Russia hoax, and the coup attempt. Can't wait to see who turns on who in the Deep State now that they're cornered:

Never forget that Assange undermined our sacred democracy in 2016 by providing the citizenry with true information about what the country's most powerful political factions were doing in secret. The horror! The horror!


Democrats only want access to classified documents when they hurt the President

They only want transparency as long as it doesn't expose their lies

They don't want what's best for America. They only want what's worst for Donald Trump

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